Technological Advances

So I just got a new computer yesterday and might I say that it is, how do I put it..beautiful. In fact, I decided to make this my first blog written from this amazing juggernaut of a machine. To give you some specs: 19in widescreen monitor, 2.6ghz, duo processor, 4 gigs of ram, 260 gigs of space..for starters. For those of you who don't speak nerd and have no idea what any of that means, let's just say that it's pretty bad ass! Faster than any computer on UW campus (more or less). Not to shabby for just a shade above $900 (I found it in the outlet portion on

So this is my new baby! The ultimate video editing machine! I'll be doing all my video projects on this puppy and I'm glad that I don't have go all the way to campus anymore just to edit little clips. However, I really wanted to save up for a MacBook Pro, but those things are so damn expensive! The MacBook that I wanted ran for about $1999! And that was BEFORE I added the things that I wanted! But oh well, this is more than enough!

Now excuse me as I continue to surf the web, play a video game, and edit a video on my the same time! Peeeace!