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The 2007 Heisman Race

The votes are in and it's official, Florida's Sophomore Quarterback, Tim Tebow, is the winner of this year's Heisman Trophy.

I don't know. I'm pretty disappointed but I'm not surprised that he won. Personally (and realistically), I think McFadden should've won; followed by Brennan and then Tebow. Hell, I would thrown Dixon higher than Tebow because we now see how incredibly important he is to Oregon now that he's out. Don't get me wrong, it would've been nice to have someone from Hawai'i finally recieve the Heisman trophy, but there's far too much east coast bias amongst the voters to recieve a fair result (before the UH-UW game, ESPN announcers were saying that over %20 of the Heisman voters had already turned in their vote! BEFORE the UH game! Call me crazy, but if it was my job to vote for the Heisman winner, I'd at least know a little something about the finalists or AT LEAST watch their games..but what do I know). Honestly, I'm surprised that Brennan even got an invite and I'm sure he is too.

There were a number of things that irritated me about the whole process this year.

The thing that irritated me the most about this whole thing was that the main argument, and just about the ONLY argument, that sports announcers had for Tebow was that "his numbers are something we've never seen any college QB put up" (20+ TDs passing and rushing), which is interesting because if it really were about putting up "stats that no one has ever put up before" then Brennan would have won it last year when he broke the records for passing TDs, yards, and efficiency in a season. People seem so blinded by their east coast love to the point where I saw an announcer on ESPN ramble on about how "amazing" Tebow's 51 total TDs are this season. Where was this same talk about Brennan's 63 total TDs last season? He had more passing yards and TDs last year than Chad Henne and Troy Smith COMBINED and didn't even get invited!

Yeah, yeah, I know some people out there are saying "He didn't get invited last year because he's in a system! He's a system quarterback!" Which is completely true, he IS in a system and he's always the first to admit it, but he runs it better than ANYONE has ever ran it before. There were announcers discounting Brennan because of the system saying, "If we vote in Brennan this year, should we have voted in Timmy Chang last year?!" Come on! Timmy Chang had NOWHERE NEAR an efficiency level as Brennan, and while he did put up a high number of yards, keep in mind that Chang was at UH for six years! (I heard also that he didn't even get his diploma during those six years, but that's another story) So, OF COURSE he's gonna get a high number of yards and TDs if you're playing on a team for six years! Brennan was there for only three years and not to mention Chang's TD to INT ratio, which I'm making up but probably not that far off when I say 3:1.

It's messed up that Brennan BARELY got invited because he's a system quarterback while Tebow won the Heisman BECAUSE he's a system quarterback!! Now if that doesn't show east coast bias, then I don't know what does. Yes, Tebow fans, he IS a system quarterback and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not saying that Tebow isn't a good QB, but if you have 100 rushing attempts over your starting running back, you ARE a system QB and you'd BETTER get 20+ rushing TDs (especially when the coach is calling your number everytime you get in the redzone). Brennan's been dealing with the "system QB" label for three years and June Jones calls Tebow a system QB once and he gets his panties in a bunch! Relax man! It's what got you the trophy!

The only thing I could agree on about this year's Heisman race is that while the bias is still present, a lot of bias was thrown out out the window and for the first time, disregard conference, disregard records, disregard grade, it really was about the best player THIS YEAR (kinda). Had it been this open minded last year and had it really been about THE BEST PLAYER OF THE YEAR, Brennan would have been the obvious choice...or at least one of choices. I don't understand how you lead the nation in passing yards, TDs, passing percentage/efficiency, break over 20 passing records, have the #1 offense in the nation and NOT get invited or even MENTIONED for the Heisman! He was the best...LAST YEAR. But, unfortunately, and not surprisingly, it took Tebow (an east coast player) to break the biased east coast minds who overlook individual talent (which is what the heisman trophy is meant for), forcing them to take a step back and finally say "You know what? Let's ACTUALLY give it to the best person of the year even though they're a sophomore. Even though they're not undefeated."

So congrats to Tebow for opening the door for underclassmen, system quarterbacks, and teams with an record. He DID deserve it this year, but how convenient is it that it took an east coast guy to break the stereotypes imposed and the bias of east coast voters. It took an EAST COAST player to finally have "system quarterback" be refered to in a positive light. It's kind of like, the Bush adminstration and everyone telling them "The war's gotten out of hand, it was a bad idea" and them not listening until Bush's mom says something. Then they're like, "You know what? I guess it's time for us to be rational."

In the end, Hawai'i people are just bitter because we know Brennan should've won it last year and by the time anyone even bothered to take a glimpse at the prolific passer that is Colt, it was a year too late. I think year's Heisman race reflects the past two presidential elections perfectly. The result is dependant on the people in power (religious republicans = east coast media) rather than fairness.

But you know who is probably even MORE bitter...Darren McFadden. The guy didn't win it last year because he was a sophomore. So he skips the NFL draft to come and win it in his Junior year, only to lose again to, guess who? A sophomore! HAHA. I'm sorry, but you can't write better irony than that!