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Dogfighting: The New Event in the Westminster Dog Show

Seriously, it should be. What better way to portray "My dog is better than your dog" than having your dog kick it's ass? And we'll hold the event after the grooming event because, come on, we don't want to ruin your poodle's perm.

If you can't tell where I'm going with the blog by now, you must've been living under a rock over these past months. I speak of the recent events inolving the Michael Vick dogfighting case. Am I the only one who feels that they're going too far with this case? It's frickin' dogs! Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty sadistic act and there should be some type of repercussions, but come on! They're taking away the man's life and everything he's ever worked hard for! Over some stupid mutts! I'm sure they were cute and all, but they're dogs!

Now I know there are some people out there saying, "But it's inhumane! They're dogs! They're living beings too! What about their rights?!"

Their rights?! That's the biggest bullshit argument I've ever heard! They're dogs! Until everyone in the country becomes a vegetarian, everyone gets rid of their pets and lets them run free, we get rid of all zoos, and every hunting ground is closed - let's keep dog's "rights" out of this. On top of that, I want to see a huge march of animals waving flags, holding picket signs, and protesting for the right to vote, drive, and work. Until then, I don't want to hear anything about "animals rights".

Yes, dogs may have the right to "live" (if you call eating, shitting on your carpet, and humping your leg "living"), but it's a sport like any other.

You mean to tell me that it's OK to have a white man pay thousands of dollars to go into a gated "forest" to shoot Bambi's mother in the face with a rifle for "sport" but as soon as a black man plays Don King for Odie and Snoopy PETA gets their panties in a bunch?! Oh yeah, cause that's "hunting". I'm sorry, but if there's a restaraunt near the entrance, it's not "hunting". And it's also not "hunting" when you could actually say, "There goes the deer, it's running towards the fence! Don't worry though, we'll surround it in the corner."

And Cheney shot a man in the face with his "sport"! The face! Well, not the face but still! And what happened to him? Nothing! And who the hell hunts quail?! Are they even a threat?! They don't even fly! Hunting quail is like hunting penguins. You walk behind them as they waddle in packs and then you shoot them in the back of the head. How the hell did Cheney shoot someone else while hunting quail?!?!

If "hunting" is legal and considered a "sport" in the US, then why not dogfighting? It's a sport in many other countries. Hell, you probably even did some sort of "dogfighting" when you were a kid. I mean, who hasn't bought a couple of fighting fish only to put them in the same tank to watch them go at it?

But I've digressed..

My main beef is how they treated this talented young man, who's never otherwise broken a law in his life, like a genocidal, Hitler-loving, satanist. They took this case of man who's worked hard all his life, brought his family out of the projects, gave millions to Atlanta's inner city kids programs, and turned it into a witchhunt. The same people who were once praising him and giving him their love (the NFL commssioner, the Falcon's owner, the media and the fans) are suddenly throwing stones of malice. No, I take that back - boulders.

What does this say about the character and priorities of those who are blowing this way out of proportion? What does this say about America's?

The man's going to jail for soliciting dog fights and we wonder why our countries prison systems are so terribly overpopulated and expensive. Does he really need to go to jail? He's not some rapist or murderer to where we need to keep him locked up from human contact. Are they afraid that, if he's free, he's going to start soliciting fights between the neighborhood children? They could've just fined him a couple mil and expeled him for a couple seasons but instead they took the man's whole life away and maybe he'll be able to apply for work in the NFL after he's free. There are players who've beaten their wives and kids, "accidently" killed people while playing with guns, and killed people due to DUIs; and what do they get: a fine and probation. I'm sorry but a human being's life is a lot more important than a frickin' dog...or maybe that's just me.

The man's suffered enough in money loss and public humiliation, all these people who want Vick to lose everything are the actual sadistic ones who love watching the downfall of celebrities and love to kick a man while he's down. These people are the reason why other countries hate the hypocrisy of our "democracy". There's a hundreds upon thousands of innocent people dying over the lies a man told to go to war with Iraq and instead of dealing with that, we'd rather deal with the lies some football player told about killing a dozen or so dogs. Go figure.

If Vick's going to jail for his lies, shouldn't Bush go to jail too?