Eli-Mac - "First Love" Music Video

Let's rewind all the way back to 2003, to a night where I sat with my 6 roommates (all from Hawai'i) and my then girlfriend (also from Hawai'i) to watch Season 3 of American Idol. Along with the show still being relatively new, we had heard that they were holding auditions in Hawai'i so you know we had to watch to see if we knew anyone. Sure enough, we saw some familiar faces and even had the pleasure of seeing someone audition dressed like Winnie the Pooh. Yes....Winnie the Pooh. Look it up. It's horrendously amazing. Although in his defense, he sang the song "House at Pooh Corner" so it was slightly, maybe, kinda sorta, not really, in hindsight completely not appropriate.

About halfway through the auditions, in walks a bashfully cute I-Hop server from Maui, Camile Velasco. Immediately, the guys in the room begin commenting on how cute she is and immediately my girlfriend looks directly at me just in time to catch me silently cosigning with my roommates. She gave me a playful elbow and for the rest of the season she'd tease me about my crush about the girl on American Idol.

Fast forward 7 years: It's 2010, I'm living in Los Angeles, and through a mutual friend, who do I meet? None other than Ms. American Idol herself, Camile Velasco. She ended up being cool as hell and from that day on, we've developed an amazing friendship. I love that girl and I'm so glad we finally got to work on a project together. So here it is, off her Dubstop EP, "First Love"