Staying Creative


A big thing in the entertainment industry is staying proactive. I know that may seem common sense, but you'd be surprised at how many people (especially actors) take the passive route and sit around hoping to get cast for projects. I've had conversations with "aspiring" actors/actresses where I've found out they've never taken a class before nor have any intent in improving their craft.

With technology these days, there's no excuse for you to not get together with friends and start shooting your own projects. Smart phones shoot in HD, editing programs come with every computer and are available on phones, and sites like YouTube and Vimeo provide anyone with internet access a means to reach an audience. While your project may or may not get into a film festival, you'll at the very least walk away with a better understanding of your process.

So with that said, I got together with beautiful and talented actress Angie Dick and Aqueela Zoll and we shot this fun segment that they wrote. Enjoy!