We Jammin'!!

With the emergence of youtube, we've all been thrust into a world where all of us have the opportunity to share our own videos and become our own directors and producers. I've had many a discussion with friends on how crazy it would've been if youtube (or even facebook and myspace) were around when we were Freshman and Sophomores in college. Maaaaan, if you only knew about some of the stuff that we did!

My God, are we that old to where we were in college PRE-myspace?! Shit, I remember what it was like before internet and how I had to write term papers with a typewriter with the good ol' Encyclopedia Brittanica! Or maybe that's just me.

But now, with more and more people taking part in the phenomena that is youtube, I've found it much easier to find some good (and many bad) kanikapila sessions online. That's probably by far my favorite thing to look up on youtube and I can spend hours online watching them.

And so, by inspiration of my boy Will's Faikava entry, I present to you my favorite online jam sessions in a little piece that I think I'm gonna call, Connie-Kapila. Get it? Get it? OK, I know...Title pending...bastards...


So whenever this guy gets played on the radio back home, my sister never fails to tell me how she went to Moanalua with him and how he had a huge crush on her throughout highschool. Because of her preadolescent rambling, I've never really taken him seriously, seeing him as just some artist geared toward mid pubescent girls who finally have someone to goggle over besides the Opihi Pickers. But after viewing this video of an unreleased original song, I've come to appreciate it him more as an artist and, like Jamie Foxx, have become a bigger fan of his live jam sessions than his actual album music. So check it out!

And shot out to braddah in the hard hat...