Very Superstitious

I think I would consider myself a little superstitious. I believe in God, ghosts, and life after death. However, some are stupid to me. I'm not into the whole idea of bad luck when you break mirrors or when you walk under ladders (although you'd have incredible bad luck if you cut yourself on your broken mirror and said ladder collapsed on your head). It just seems odd to me, maybe even scary, to depend so much on chance.

So I found it kinda weird when I went out of my way to make sure I had change in my pocket on the turn of New Year's. For those of you who haven't heard of that one, supposedly if you're jingling money during New Year's, money flow should be good that year. I've never done that before so I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Shit, if this works the I'll be jingling change and doing sit ups come next New Year's Eve!

Then there's fortune cookies. I've never really given those a second glance, only to blurt the usual adolescent "in bed" at the end of each fortune. Majority of the "fortunes" that I've received were buffoonery at best, often informing me that "You like Chinese food."....In bed! It's so hard not to do it!

As a result of eating a robust amount of Chinese food with my friend Jerlyn, who would constantly insist on completely eating the fortune cookie before reading your fortune, I subconsciously became a regular practitioner of said tradition. So, oddly enough, I'd say that I'm more superstitious on the way I eat the fortune cookie than in the fortune itself. But something happened the other night that changed my outlook on the whole fortune cookie tradition.

I head over to Panda Express, pick up my usual orange chicken and beijing beef and head back to the pad for another low key night. As I finished my meal and was chewing on my fortune cookie with my fortune facing down, I couldn't help but feel excited as I always got a kick out of adding "in bed" to every fortune I get. I'm easily amused.

When the mastication was over, I flipped the fortune, revealing the suffix to my proverbial pre pubescent joke and just stared at it. And stared at it some more. Call it superstition but never has a fortune cookie's fortune ever hit home and felt so relative in my life than this one. So much so that adding "in bed" to the end of it had completely slipped my mind.

"The world will soon be ready to receive your talents."

Even though I know I'm more than likely one of thousands who've received this fortune, being someone in pursuit of a career in acting and filmmaking, you could only imagine how eerie it was to read those words. And given that there's a lot of people in Hollywood pursuing the same thing, I guess it would be appropriate for Panda Express to include said statement in the plethora of possible fortunes. But still, it was amazing to me.

The second part of Jerlyn's crazy "eat before you read" tradition, a part that I've never even bothered to do up until this point, was that in order for it to come true, you have to keep it. And so I guess I am a bit superstitious because now, in my wallet, like a missive from a loved one, lies that fortune. And even though I wouldn't leave something like my career up to chance, I guess it couldn't hurt to have a little help.