Off to New Orleans!

It's an exciting day. Well, sort of.

I'm waiting for my ride to take me to the airport where I'll head off to Cincinnati for a two hour layover and then down to New Orleans where I'll celebrate New Years and go the the Sugar Bowl where Hawai'i will play Georgia.

That's where the "sort of" comes in: the flight. I hate flying. I've never had a smooth experience and I'll talk about those later.

But alas, I'm off and as much as I would love to post daily entries on my southern adventures, I'll have no access to the internet and would probably be too drunk or preoccupied even if I did have the access. But I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures for you guys...all three of you who read this.

My rides here, I'll see you guys later and, Will, I'll see you in a minute.