Merry Christmas!!

So I may be on the risk of sounding redundant when I say this but, Merry Christmas everyone! I'm writing this a day after so it's hardly Christmas and I'm sitting at my desk at work so it's hardly "merry", but oh well.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, ate a lot, got what you wanted, and shared it with the ones you care about. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to talking about what I did for Christmas this year.

So this was the first time, since 2002, that I've stayed in Seattle for Christmas. It especially sucks because I'm used to being around my siblings at this time of year. That's the real reason why I like to go home; to hang out with them. They're young and I'm missing the major growth periods in their life.

So instead I go over to my uncle's house in Kent (I seem to have a lot of family up here that moved up from Hawai'i) where I ate a lot (lots of local food!) and caught up with the fam (man, it's good to have family up here!). Then the attack of the kanak hits (food coma for all the haoles) and I wander out of the pinegreen maze that is Kent back to my cozy apartment in U Village.

On Christmas day, I kick it with my friend Toka and when I pick him up he turns to me and asks if I ate breakfast already. I shake my head and he suggests that we go to Jack in the Box. At first I laugh cause I'm thinking, "what food place is gonna be open today?! It's Christmas!" So we drop by for a little looksee and Jacks is cracking! There's like four cars in front of us!

There's a place of business open on Christmas day?! Let alone a food establishment functioning on a day completely based around home cooked meals and staying in with your family. I was flabbergasted and befuddled as I thought of what business would know to cater to all the people trying to eat fast food on Christmas and how America is so unhealthy that one would think to do such a thing.

But for the people who had to go into work, how crappy is that?! It already kinda sucks to work at Jack in the Box, but you have to work on Christmas day too?! Then we began to laugh as we thought about what's worse, the people who work at Jack in a Box on Christmas day, or the people having brunch at Jack in the Box on Christmas day?

Waiting to get to the window, I couldn't help but picture this sad statuesque cashier dragging his ass in the drive through window as he handed people their breakfast jacks and buttermilk. Funny thing was that when I pulled up, we gave each other this look as if we understood each other like, "Hey man, I feel you, you're working here, we're eating here, this Christmas sucks."

Think about it...Merry Christmas...