"Intergalactic Love" Dance Video | Chase Lihilihi

So for those of you who don't know, my little brother and sister moved up to LA about three weeks ago to pursue dancing and acting. Can't express how great it is to have family around again. With them here, I'm learning more about the dance community/industry and the difference between the two. It's pretty interesting! It's a whole new world (*Aladdin voice*). 

One interesting thing I've learned is that many dancers, especially choreographers, put out dance videos and it acts similarly to a reel for an actor. Some have concepts behind the video, however most are just shots of them dancing in a studio. Being that I come the film world (and that I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan), I told my brother that if I'm going to shoot his dance videos, we have to push the creativity and it must be more than just dancing; the videos all have to be conceptual, have some sort of story, or at the very least, we must feel the emotion of the song.

So here is the first of many dance videos. The kid's a BEAST!