"The Device" Short Film

Some of you may have known that for the past year I've been promoting my short film "The Device" at a number of film festivals. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it has done in the film festival circuit simply because when I shot it, I never intended to submit it to any festivals. It was simply a story that I thought was interesting and wanted to express.

In this past year, it has screened at a total of five festivals. Three times in Los Angeles, including NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival, the Los Angles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and New Filmmaker's Forum. It was screened in New York and was selected by NBCUniversal as a sem-finalist and ranked top 12 out of over 2000 films in the NBCUniversal Diversity Film Festival; and it was had an international premiere at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

Making it even more surprising was the fact that we shot the film for under $40 with a 5 person crew.  It's an incredibly small amount of money to shoot a movie but I've always felt that resourcefulness is more important than resources.

So here it is. My Sci-Fi Thriller and first of many films. Enjoy!