#MOAMK Docu-Series | Episode Two: "I'm a Mixed Kid" | Kealoha Mahone

If there's anything I've learned about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry it's that in order to be successful, you have to know who you are, know why you're here and work your ass off. That may sound easy but you'd be surprised as to how many people come to Hollywood, float in the wind, party more than they put in work, and expect success. There is absolutely no substitution for hard work and it's always great when you find people as dedicated as you. Kealoha and I have been putting a lot of work into what we're trying to accomplish in our careers for ourselves, for those we care about, and for our culture. Things are slowly but surely falling into place and I can't wait to show you guys as things pan out. Right now, here's the second episode to the docu-series I've been shooting following Kealoha up to the release to his album, "Mind of A Mixed Kid".