Learning to Swim

So my good friend from college Maynard, aka NautilusMC, finally made the big move down to Los Angeles a couple of months ago.  He had been pursuing music and acting up in Seattle ever since we graduated from University of Washington back in 2006 (ooh, I kind of dated myself didn't I...haha) and, in my opinion, had goals that were much bigger than what Seattle could satisfy and stayed a lot longer than he should have.  He had become a big fish in a little pond.

After a while of putting the move off, I honestly was starting to think that he wasn't going to come down. He would always say how he had to make sure that he was ready and that he always had to save more money.  Which makes complete sense and a part of me wishes I did that.  But all I kept thinking was, "I came to LA with a one-way ticket, no car, and less than $100 to my name and I turned out more than OK.  You're banking a civil engineer's salary and will have ongoing income when you rent out your condo.  No excuses.  You're more than ready to come down." (go back and read my Hollywood Confessions series..I lived in 7 different places in a year and a half including a halfway house and living out of my car..shit got crazy).  

While, of course, you should be prepared before you come to LA, there are SO MANY PEOPLE who use "I want to be more ready" as an excuse not to come to LA.  One year becomes five, five becomes ten, ten becomes 20, and the next thing you know, you're at an age where you've completely talked yourself out of your dreams.  Even more people use "I wish I was more ready" as an excuse to give up and leave LA.  Our group of friends from college are very unique in that I've never seen a group of friends that push each other so hard (I'll tell you about all the crazy accomplishments later) and the last thing I wanted was for him to become one of those could've, should've, would've "actors"who never got out the starting gate because they needed more time to "prepare".

Pursuing a career in this industry is like swimming, you could prepare all you want, buy this, buy that, read this, read that; you can save all this  money, but at the end of the day you just have to JUMP IN.  NOTHING prepares you more than actually being in the water.

So alas, after 6 long years of saying "I need to get down to LA," I'm proud to say that he's finally here. He's been out here grinding for about two months and he hit me up to direct his first LA music video.  First project of many!!  Here's some behind the scenes footage.  Check out more of his music at www.nautilusmc.com