Let's Go, it's 2010!!

2010…Two thousand fricken ten! As I write those numbers, I struggle to recall what the hell I did in 2009. How did it pass by so quickly? Where was I and what exactly was I doing?

Then it hits me. Ahhh, I remember now, 2009 kicked my ass and like a grown woman who was touched by her uncle in her early youth, I completely blocked it out, in which I immediately ran to the bathroom in shame and tears, only to throw things at the mirror yelling “You’re a whore!”

OK, maybe not the last couple of things, but you get the idea. I told some of you guys my crazy 2009 story and if you haven’t heard it yet, let’s have a drink and chat. It’s guaranteed to be one of the craziest stories you’ve ever heard in your life. Crazy like a straw…but that’s for another time.

And alas, 2009 has come and gone, leaving us all a little internal and external scarring, much like the $2 hooker that steals your wallet, after giving you herpes and taking your virginity.

So in celebration of the new year and starting anew, I have created this new blog (clihi.blogspot.com) which all of one person will be reading besides me, irregularly and by accident. I'll be cataloging all my Hollywood adventures in this baby so should be fun...theoretically. I also thought I’d include some tangible new years resolutions. Feel free to share yours as well…yes I’m talking to both of you. And by “both of you”, I’m counting myself as well.

2010 Resolutions:
1. I feel so cliche in saying “Workout more consistently”..get down to around 170-180lbs
2. Take care of this damn debt! Damn yous!
3. Sign with a top 10 commercial agency.
4. Book at least 2 national commercials.
5. Finish this script.
6. Complete three chapters of my book.
7. Blog at least three times a week. (this should increase as I get more used to it)
8. Sign with a top 20 theatrical agency.
9. Book at least 4 guest appearances on tv/film.

That’s all I can think of right now. I tried to keep my goals specific so I can gauge my progress and at least I got them written down this year so I can hold myself accountable.

So that’s it people! I’m really excited about this year because I’m finally in a position where I feel like I’m moving forward….somewhat. And SO MUCH has happened and I’ve come so far this past year that I’m eager to see what another year could bring me.

“Let’s go, 2010!! We steady hustlin’ in the AM!! It’s not about IF, it’s about WHEN!!”
- Jadakhash