Stupid Mondays

Mondays are frustrating on so many levels. Thank God for Monday night football!

But to get me through the day, I like to listen to music that takes me back to a simpler time. A time before college exams. A time before paying bills. A time before it was necessary for me to think "what am I gonna do with my life?" A time when you could just wake up and live; and the only thing you had to worry about was whether or not your mom packed you your favorite snack or if the girl you liked in class liked you back (which is oddly something I still find myself stressing over these twenty something years later) or whether or not you're gonna have enough time to play outside with your friends before your parents make you come in and do your homework.

Ahhh..those were the days.

I have this one weird, almost self realization, memory from my childhood. When I was in second grade I was in an after school program at my school and I vividly remember a day when I had finished all my homework and was sitting at my desk staring out the door of the classroom thinking how slow my life is going by.

"I can't wait until I'm done with the 2nd grade!", I thought to myself.

Then I saw a man walk pass the door and peak into the classroom with a deadpan look on his face. He wasn't happy, he wasn't sad, it just a deadpan. The he kinda smirked and just walked away.

"What a weirdo!", I thought.

Then, for some reason, I began to think of how my parents would always stress to me on how I should "enjoy myself while I can because life is short". As I watched this man walk away, holding hands with his son that he just picked up, I switched my thought from "time is going so slow" to "Damnit! I just jinxed myself! Now that I've said that, time is gonna go by so fast and I'm gonna wake up tomorrow 20 years old!"

And then I looked up at the clock.

"Damnit! Only a minute has gone by! Time's going by sooo slow!!"

And that was it.

I don't remember what I did on that day before that incident and I don't remember what I did after. But for some reason, that self realizing moment is implanted in my memory so crystal clear. And then I get frustrated or sad at the irony of my second grade self complaining at the problem of how slow time is going and my current old ass self wanting to have those same problems again. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I have regrets of what I've done or how my life has turned out. I just miss it.

And maybe that's why we hate Monday's so much. Subconsciously, it's the juxtaposition of Sunday, a childlike day of no work and no cares, to Monday, a day that thrusts us back to reality and the responsibilities that make up our current life.

Now almost two decades later, I understand why that man passing by the classroom looked in the room with that expression on his face and walked away with a smirk. He was longing to be back in that classroom desk. He was remembering a simpler time.

And maybe now I've become that man and that's why I love old school jams so much. Because for those 3-4 minutes, I'm back sitting in that classroom desk looking out at the world, planning out my life with not a care in the world.

But instead, I'm looking in, not happy, not sad, just a deadpan.

Stupid Mondays...