From Boogie Town to Korea Town

So after working a 17 hour day on Boogie Town, I head home, shower, and rush straight to Pasadena where we're shooting on location for an upcoming series called Lie To Me. I'm not sure exactly who's in it, all I know is that, supposedly, it's about a detective who has the power to tell when someone's lying to them or something to that effect. Sounds pretty interesting..but what's even more interesting is what they cast me as....Yup! You guessed it! A Korean wedding guest!! Cause you know I look soooo Korean and all! But whatever man, just as long as you feed me and pay me I'm all good!

So I get there all pimped out in my suit and thank goodness there's some people there that I've worked with before on some other shows or it would've been one long ass day. There was this one dude who was half white and filipino and he was cast as the same thing as me so I didn't feel as bad. There was also this one black guy I knew who was cast so we came to the conclusion that the "Korean" in "Korean wedding guest" referred to the wedding and not us. Maybe....

But, the shoot was pretty cool. They paired us up with some hot girls that played our dates at the wedding and we all were just talking story and acting a fool all day. The scene we were shooting was an assassination attempt on the Korean prime minister at his son's wedding. In this scene, we were supposed to be watching the slide show when the killer emerges from the back, pushing a woman out of the way, to where we all stand up to see what's going on. A gunshot then fires and we all hit the ground and hide behind our tables and chairs.

They had us seated right behind where all the action was taking place so you had a clear view of our table while they were wrestling down the killer. On every take, at the part where we were supposed to duck behind our tables while they wrestled the man down, I would rise up from behind my table with my butter knife as if I'm about to rush in and help. I really hope that you'll be able to see that and they keep it in!

We got out around 10pm, so it was another long day, but it was pretty fun and I met some cool people. It's still surprising to me when I meet people here who are actually really nice and aren't blatant about their agenda. There's so much fake people here it's ridiculous. But oh well.

Overall it was a good day, and it usually is when I'm booked on something with a lot of other twenty somethings. However, that wasn't the case on the following day when I was booked on Eli Stone and by far the youngest one on the set. I think I was there cause they just needed some brown skin in the courtroom. Blaahhhhh....