I've Got Gas

I don't know why this is making me so happy..but I guess I'll write about it anyway.

So whenever I need to feed the ole motor vehicle, like a date, I tend to only spend twenty dollars. (...And that's only because the lovin's free, ladies! ;D...) But today, things went a little differently and despite it being an incredibly pleasant surprise, it confused the hell out of me.

I pull into the gas station, gas tank on "E", walk into the mini mart and hand the guy a twenty. I start pumping my gas and put up the latch so that it pumps by itself and so that I could grab the windshield wiper thingy and give my windows a good rubdown. Not to long into it, the pump clicks and stops and I walk over to it and see that only $15 was used. You know how some pumps stop close to the amount of money you put in and you have to manually pump it until the end? That's what I thought happened and so I'm over there trying to pump the rest of the $20 thinking, "Why the hell would the pump stop $4 from the end?! Bastards!" To my dismay, the pump keeps clicking off, preventing me from using the rest of my $20!

Thinking that my gas tank is now broken, I start swearing at myself and some old lady starts looking at me weird. I think she thinks that I'm a "thug" because she hurries her gas pumping duty to quickly get into her car and drive away.

So after about five or six times of this thing clicking off, it finally dawns on me that it's clicking off because the tank us full.

"But it's been only $16 and the tank was was on 'E' when I got here", I thought.

"Is this what it's like to have a full tank of gas?! I completely forgot what it was like! Dear Lord, it's been so long!" I started to sound like a divorced woman who's having her first lovin' in years.

I looked up at the price on the gas meter, something that, for some reason, I failed to do when I drove up. And as I saw the price, I felt like a high school kid losing his virginity to the prettiest girl in school!

"$1.99?! I can't believe this is happening! Is this a dream?! Oh, please be gentle with me.."

I didn't even know what to do after that! Do I go back in and get my change? Can I get my change back? Do they let you do that?!

And they DO!!

I got my three dollars and change from the nice Latin in the convenience store window and I treated myself to a nice parfait and a glorious cup of water...smiles all around.

And that's it...that's the end of my story..

Any ladies like parfaits? I got enough money for two more!

Sexy pahhty time initiated!