"rock band"

Rock Band!!

Rock Band..."It's amazing!".."It's so much fun, you gotta play it!"

Those are pretty much the two statements I get when I talk to other people about it. You know, honestly, I wouldn't doubt it, it looks like a lot of fun...but I've never played it. Hell, I've can count on one hand the amount of times I've ever played Guitar Hero! (I'm counting three)

So a number of weeks ago (not sure exactly how many weeks but all I know is that it was the weekend that the Seahawks got booted from the playoffs), the people in my reggae band get together to watch the game and put together a set list for this year's Hawai'i club luau (we're opening for Rebelution; April 19, bet there!) and as the game winds down, we begin talking about the phenomenon that is Rock Band.

We then realize that none of us has ever played it either! And the more we talk about it, the more we want to play it! So we begin brainstorming on ways we could play it but as we realize that no one we know has the damn thing, we begin putting our hopes into that chance that maybe video rental stores rent out the game along with the peripherals. So I grab the yellow pages and proceed to call every video rental place within a driving radius hoping for a chance to play this wonderful game.

But as the rejections pile up, hours go by, and our hopes for playing Rock Band dwindles, we begin to sit silently in a large pool of sulk, cussing out the Seahawks for their loss, all the while still hoping for some sign from the heavens that would help us acheive our goal. Alas, nothing....but depression.

Then one of my band mates exclames, "You know what, why are we trippin' on this Rock Band thing?! We are a band! We do the real frickin' thing!"

And as he said that, we all looked at each other and began laughing. Because during that whole time we spent trying to play Rock Band, that had never crossed our minds and we realized that we still had to come up with a set list for the luau.

The End.

I still wanna play Rock Band though! Does anyone have it?