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The Return of the Monster Genre

So remember when I said that these days there's rarely a movie that I'd want to actually go and spend $10+ dollars on? I just found one. J.J. Abrams (the brilliant mind behind gems such as Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible III) is coming out with a new monster flick this weekend. Their marketing plan was pretty much based around the mystery of what it was gonna be about and it wasn't until recent weeks that they even made the real name of the movie public: Cloverfield; so it's not surprising if you haven't even heard of the movie. For those of you who haven't , here's the teaser.


Amazing...just amazing. Like a rabbit on a pogo stick, I find that trailer incredibly intriguing and utterly profound. The whole movie is shot that way! As much as I hate to compare movies in the fashion of "It's like movie a + movie b", I see it as if you were to put together Godzilla and The Blair Witch Project. Which made me wonder why no one has ever put out a big budget movie in the style of Blair Witch? That voyeuristic docu-drama style could only enhance our experience of the story, drawing us deeper into the world created (if we don't barf in our own) and it taps into the voyeurstic nature of the masses made only stronger by sites such as youtube.

This trailer was played prior to Transformers and I have to admit, when it started, I thought that it was Transformers. I remember thinking "If this is Transformers, this is brilliant! They're going to begin the movie from the prespective of these "normal" people so that we can feel the terror of the impending doom as the Decepticons come and kick our ass.

When it ended and I realized it was only a trailer, I was kind of disappointed, feeling that I'd rather watch that movie over Transformers. This disappointment grew as Transformers progressed and it became one long toy commercial. If that trailer was the beginning of Transformers, it would've already made it so much better!

One thing I didn't understand about the movie was if the Autobots were trying to save humanity, why would they set up their defenses for the final battle smack in the middle of Metropolis. That's the last place I'd go to begin a war. They were in the middle of Nowheres-ville when they were at the dam, why didn't they stage the battle outside? They put thousands of innocent lives in danger and they wasted a ton of gas on the drive to the city.

But back to Cloverfield.

I am definitely (for some reason I have a hard time spelling this word...definitely...I literally have to look up the spelling everytime I write it) going to try and watch this flick in the theaters. Hopefully, I'm not hyping it too much and setting myself up for a fall...again. But it's J.J. Abrams and I trust he knows what he's doing.

So with that said, anyone down to see it this weekend?!