Let Me In (2016)

"A romantic date night takes a horrific turn when a woman frantically arrives on a couple's doorstep screaming for help."
Running Time: 3:30 minutes

Written by Angie Teodora Dick
Directed by Conrad Lihilihi

Kevin L. Walker,  Donnabella Mortel, Angie Teodora Dick , Maynard Okereke

Happy Birthday, Claire (2016)

Starring: Chayse Ying, Jerry Ying, Sumiko Braun, Kannon Kurowski
Running Time: 5 minutes

Produced through the Armed With A Camera Director's Fellowship, Happy Birthday, Claire is a psychological thriller following a broken suburban couple pushing the limits of their humanity through horrific acts all for the preservation of family and tradition.


The Device (2013)

Starring: Maynard Okereke & Anthony Washington; Running Time: 6min

Two thieves are hired to steal a mysterious device that sends them on a horrific and unexplainable journey. 

Written and Directed by Conrad Lihilihi


Breast Day Ever

A young woman in her mid 20s is surprised as a routine checkup brings her news of breast cancer. She finds, however, that it's not receiving the news that's hard, but passing it on.

This short is loosely based on Zandi De Jesus (main actress) who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was written by her loving husband, Richard Jin Namkung (P-Hound of Arrested Development).  It was shot one week before her first chemo session.

Cinematography and Edited by Conrad Lihilihi