Let Me In (2016)

"A romantic date night takes a horrific turn when a woman frantically arrives on a couple's doorstep screaming for help."
Running Time: 3:30 minutes

Written by Angie Teodora Dick
Directed by Conrad Lihilihi

Kevin L. Walker,  Donnabella Mortel, Angie Teodora Dick , Maynard Okereke

Happy Birthday, Claire (2016)

Starring: Chayse Ying, Jerry Ying, Sumiko Braun, Kannon Kurowski
Running Time: 5 minutes

Produced through the Armed With A Camera Director's Fellowship, Happy Birthday, Claire is a psychological thriller following a broken suburban couple pushing the limits of their humanity through horrific acts all for the preservation of family and tradition.


The Device (2013)

Starring: Maynard Okereke & Anthony Washington; Running Time: 6min

Two thieves are hired to steal a mysterious device that sends them on a horrific and unexplainable journey. 

Written and Directed by Conrad Lihilihi